First off, nobody really needs a coach, guru, master, or any other that you may look up to because you already have all the guidance that you need inside of you. You are already on the right path, whole, perfect just as you are now, and you already are that which you seek.

When you need a coach to help you maneuver through your spiritual journey and the tough times, I am here to guide you. Helping you steer your own path.

While we are together, I will hold a presence for your awakening because I know who you really are. I am here to let you know that there really is no path or enlightenment, and to simply help you awaken to what you have forgotten so you know these truths for yourself.

A lot of talking just appeals to your mind. I favor you having experiences more than our talks together. I want to help you experience who you truly are!

With almost 22 years through a spiritual journey, healing and an awakening I’m sure I can help you. You can read more about me at My “I” story.

When you’re ready to get my assistance as a coach, please don’t hesitate to contact me.