Follow your inner guidance not your thoughts


fun_angelHere are a couple of great true stories by Lee Coit of why listening to our inner feelings and guidance is more important than listening to our thoughts/ego.

Asking guidance about everything

Early on, I asked my inner guide why I needed to follow his guidance, exclusively as he had requested. I had been successful making decisions and felt it was rather a put-down to be told to always ask about everything. Had my past decisions been so terrible that they could not be trusted? Was I really that incompetent? I was told, “You have made many good decisions and I know you try to do the best for yourself and others most of the time. However, you need my guidance in everything because you do not value yourself as highly as I do.” That shocked me, I have never thought of myself as overly modest.

My guide continued, “You are like a starving man who sneaks into a large banquet. You steal a small finger sandwich and rearrange the tray so that no one will know. Then you sneak away before anyone sees, you hide in the alley, and eat your meager meal. Little do you know it was a banquet in your honor. Everyone was waiting for you to arrive.”

That example changed my view of inner guidance. I no longer saw it as an intrusion on what I wanted. I saw it was a way to get what I truly deserved. I knew what I had been told was true, though it was hard to believe. My experiences since then are that I am always better cared for by inner guidance than by my own efforts. My life has indeed become a banquet and I no longer settle for finger sandwiches as I have done in the past.

Excerpt From: Lee Coit’s book “Accepting – How to Increase Your Awareness of Perfection.”

Our ego’s tend to make us think that it knows what’s best for us. It’s always coming up with suggestions and actions to take that are supposedly in our best interest. But it’s usually self serving, may hurt another, and is not in the best interest of all parties involved. Our ego’s think it knows what is best for another, but it’s a lie. Our ego’s do not know what is the right action to take so that it’s the highest good for all, but our essence or guidance does. Here’s another great story by Lee Coit on the importance of following our guidance despite it going against what our mind/ego thinks, and even parental/moral feelings.

The apartment story

That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Simply follow inner guidance and you will make the right decision. But it’s not always evident that you have made the right decision. When guidance goes against our core beliefs, it is not easy to recognize it. Several years ago, I had a chance to really see this principle in operation.

I was renting a small apartment in front of my house to my son and his girlfriend. I was in the process of remodelling it and so I rented it to him for very little money. I planned to get more rent in the future, since my first trip to Europe was dependent on having my property self-sufficient. I did not have the time or money then to fix the place up, so my son, Brian, continued to rent the apartment at a low rate.

My other apartment was suddenly vacant and so I advertised for a new renter. A nice young couple came who loved the location, but said the available apartment was too small. They asked if I had something else. I said, “I do have one I’m working on and which my son rents, but it will not be available for some time.” They wanted to see it and, on seeing it, fell in love with it. I was reticent to make any commitment. I was torn between my need to make full rent and my desire to help Brian.

I was following inner guidance at this time and felt they were sent to me. However, I could not get clarity on what to do. I sent them away saying, “If you can’t find anything else in a couple of weeks, call me.” I had learned, when in doubt about guidance, I should wait, ask within, and look for more signs.

One of the signs I used then to determine if I was getting inner guidance was the recurrence of something three times within a short period. When something repeated three times, I then knew I was hearing correctly. I was sure the couple would not call unless they were meant to come to the apartment. Meanwhile, my other place was still vacant and I was running short of money. I could not figure out why my guide did not get busy and rent the vacant apartment thereby solving my problems simply.

Two weeks later, the couple called and still wanted the apartment. They even offered more rent than what I was asking. I stalled again. Despite problems with Brian and his girlfriend, I could not bring myself, as a good father, to tell them they had to leave. Every time I went inside to ask, I thought I heard my inner guide tell me that my son was to leave. I doubted that such a message would be guidance, however, since it did not appear loving.

The couple called again. This was number three and my last excuse faded. I had told them I had no time or money to fix up the apartment. They said their father would do all the work and they would pay for it. I knew something was happening. I asked Brian to move out and explained I needed to get full rent so I could go to Europe. I offered him the vacant apartment, but this time for nearly the full rental price as directed by guidance.

During the many years we had been living together, Brian and I had been very close. He had never been the problem most teenage sons are. However, both he and his girlfriend became very hostile about the move and would hardly talk to me. They rented the other apartment for several months and then broke up. Brian blamed me for all his problems and especially the trouble he was having with his girlfriend. Our relationship was shattered and I was deeply hurt by the loss of our closeness.

I left for Europe several months later, feeling I had followed inner guidance but it had caused me to lose my great relationship with my son. I was feeling very confused about the situation. I did not like the results of following this particular guidance. All the other guidance had produced positive effects in my life. This was not positive in my view. I hoped time would heal this problem and I doubted that I had heard to do the right thing.

On my return, Brian called and suggested we have lunch. During our meeting, he said, “You know Dad about the apartment…” I cut him off and stated I did not want to talk about that problem anymore. He said. “No Dad, it’s not a problem. It was the best thing you ever did for me.” As the story unfolded, he reported that he and his girlfriend had been using drugs and that the money they saved on rent let them buy what they needed. When they had to pay full rent, there was no money for such activity and his girlfriend had left. As a result, he stopped using any type of stimulants and became very active in the Christian Youth Revival. Now he devotes a great deal of time to his church, has matured into a fine young man, and married a lovely girl who shares his deep faith in God.

Since the Apartment episode, I have seen a dramatic change in Brian’s attitude toward life and his determination to learn and grow. He was always a most loving and spiritual person, but now his willingness to put all his efforts into a new life are outstanding.

Excerpt From: Lee Coit’s book “Accepting – How to Increase Your Awareness of Perfection.”