How to feel your energy!


A great way to start developing a sensitivity to the environment around you is by feeling your energy between your hands. Follow these steps:my_old_aura

  1. It’s easier to detect energy when your hands are warm. Rub them together to get them warmed up if they’re cold.
  2. Place your hands comfortably in front of you with the palms facing each other at about a foot to two feet apart. Make sure they are parallel to each other. Not one up and the other down, or one further in front of the other.
  3. Instead of your palms being flat, it will be easier if you cup your hands slightly.
  4. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the palms of your hands.
  5. Start to very slowly move your hands towards each other. But in very deliberate and slow movements.
  6. As you bring your hands together, keep your focus on the palm of your hands. See if you notice some sensation on one or both hands as you continue to slowly bring them closer together.
  7. Once you feel a sensation like something pushing ever so lightly against the palm of your hand stop moving both hands. Keep the hand that you felt something on still, while you very gently move the other hand back and forth (closer and further apart) against the still hand. Again, you want to do small slow movements. This rocking back and forth movement is to help you emphasize or enhance the push feeling on the hand(s).

Hopefully you felt something like an invisible force field is pushing against your hands. If not, practice it some more until you get the hang of it. Some people feel it when their hands are wide apart while some feel it only when they’re close (an inch or so apart). It doesn’t matter how far apart your hands are, it’s import to feel the energy. Some call it your aura. You will build up your sensitivity to the point where you’re able to stretch your arms as far as they can go, and then when you move one finger on one hand, you’ll feel the energy push on the other. You will also be able to feel the energy at different parts of your body.

This is just the beginning. When you become aware, you’ll have wonderful experiences of peace, love, and joy which are beyond energy, time and space. The fear drops away, you feel that nothing is missing and that you are whole. You’ll be in utter peace and contentment.