From a lost cat experience to to being awakened, why not? the opportunity to awaken is always there



What if I tell you there is a magical vantage point where peace and love prevails!

One definition of magical I like is: “beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.” The operative word here is “seem”.

Magical synonyms: extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, staggering, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, breathtaking, miraculous; fantastic, fabulous, stupendous, out of this world, terrific, tremendous, brilliant, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, awesome; literary wondrous.

Who wouldn’t want to feel magic every day?

Imagine you’re sitting at a spot and you’re looking through a window. On the other side of this window is all sorts of everyday life drama. Some we label as good, like a person hugging or kissing another, people laughing, kids playing, someone eating ice cream, etc. The ones we label bad may be things like a lost cat, someone going hungry, an unkind word said to another, physical violence and even killing. From your magical vantage point you are unshaken by all the events and you have a new perspective of compassion, acceptance, and love for all that transpires.

When you’re not in the magical vantage point, you may get sucked into the drama. For instance, let’s take a lost male cat scenario. Your egoic mind will chime in and may start generating unpleasant thoughts such as: why didn’t my family members take better care and prevent this from happening, he could be hurt, he’s never coming back, I need to create some flyers and post them in the neighborhood, I need to go to the animal shelters, I got to use my free time by driving around looking for him, I should feel guilty because I wasn’t there to prevent this, It’s really my fault, why aren’t others being more considerate about my pain, etc. Are any of those thoughts real? Any one of those thoughts is enough to hook us. I didn’t ask if those thoughts are true, but real. We get hooked by believing in the thoughts of the egoic mind. We follow, with our awareness/focus, the train of thoughts until their conclusion, which usually results in discomfort, pain, and suffering.

The thoughts generated by the egoic mind could also seem positive like: I know he’ll come back, he can take care of himself, I know that we’ll find him, the lost cat flyers will produce results, I’ll spot him when I’m driving home from work, this could have happened to anyone, people are really being very supportive, etc. Are any of those thoughts real? They are about as real as the negative thoughts. We get hooked when one of these thoughts sound comforting. You may choose to believe in the thought, thus making it true for you.

All these are just thoughts. Let me say it again, they are just thoughts and have no power over you unless you let them. Most thoughts also dictate some action. There’s nothing making you do any action except in believing these thoughts from the egoic mind. We have allowed ourselves to be identified by our thoughts and think that is who we are. What you put your awareness on becomes real. Have you ever asked yourself where is my next thought coming from?

Our egoic thoughts are hardly ever content with what’s going on now. If we examine our thoughts closely, we’ll notice the majority of our thoughts tend to make us remember the past, or about something in the future. Anything to distract us from perceiving the present. The present isn’t very interesting to the egoic mind and part of it’s job is to deter us from the present at all cost. Why? Because it doesn’t want us to experience the magic that’s available in every single moment. Otherwise the egoic mind will lose its grip over us, the jig will be up and game over.

The magical vantage point is simply focusing our awareness on what’s happening in each present moment. It’s perhaps noticing a sound, your breathing, the various body sensations, and using your other senses to be aware of this magical moment. I like being aware of the biggest thing there is in the universe, space. Why is the moment magical? Because the moment, like space, is not empty and is tingling with life. When one gently puts their awareness on something that’s happening in the current moment, one feels something. When one first begins to feel something, it’s almost not recognizable, or maybe the mind tries to discount it as nothing important. If you let the thoughts go (not get hooked by them) and continue to gently be aware of the moment, the feeling will get stronger and stronger.

What does one feel? Well there are probably many similar qualities that people who have experienced this would agree on, however, what one first begins to feel maybe different for everyone. I feel a sense of relaxation and calmness. This may not seem much to the egoic mind, but it has value in it’s simplicity and pleasant sensation. I then have the feeling of true peace, accompanied by a sense of all is well as it is. No longer being distracted by my mind, I delve deeper in the moment which reveals feelings of love, utter contentment, feelings of being full and not needing anything, a sense of expansiveness. Continuing to be present, I feel I’m nothing or no-thing, and yet the knowing that I am everything. In that in-the-moment state, fear cannot be present, but it’s more than that. It’s like fear is irrelevant or doesn’t exist at all. Sometimes it’s feelings of joy, and laughter. Definitely feelings of coming home (at last the search is over). I experience my true essence (and it’s not the mind or body) and the opportunity is available in every moment. It truly is magical and our true self has been under our nose the whole time. The suffering stops. There’s nothing missing, nothing to attain. Feelings of whatever happens cannot jolt me out of that state, and that’s where acceptance comes into play. Whatever is happening right now is okay and is meant to be. Which is completely different than what the egoic mind wants, because it’s not content with what is, even with the good feelings. The more I focus on the moment, the quieter my mind becomes which makes it easier to be in that in-the-moment state longer and longer each time.

The magical vantage point is available to all, and is like looking at everything through the window of your soul so to speak. Our true essence has no judgments. If you missed out being present because you were in your thoughts a moment ago, no problem. The next moment invites you the opportunity to be present once again.

Ask yourself throughout the day what am I focusing my awareness on at the moment? If you realize you were paying attention to thoughts, then you have already become aware again, and can redirect your awareness to what is real in the present moment.

What’s the difference between someone who’s awakened and someone who hasn’t yet? The person who’s awakened no longer allows the egoic mind to dominate because they have experienced their true self (in the moment). The egoic mind has no more real power over the person. The times the egoic mind may dominate, it usually doesn’t last long and then the person becomes aware of the present moment again. It’s that simple, but the secret or this magic has eluded us all for eons. Our beingness has an intelligence that the human mind cannot fully comprehend.

What snaps people to the realization of what the egoic mind has been doing all along? It’s suffering! Everyone will continue to suffer until they’ve had enough (in this lifetime or the next), then the change and transition into being their true self emerges.

Have you decided you’ve suffered enough yet?

Each moment affords you the opportunity to suffer or experience peace, love, joy of your true essence. I know which one I will choose again and again.