New Clients

I am taking on new seekers that would like to be coached to experience their innate┬ápeace/stillness which will lead to the ultimate truth of their nature. The initial phone call is free to have you ask all the questions on your mind. My coaching sessions are only $1 a minute ($60 an hour). If you’re local in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person. Otherwise, we can use Zoom (video conferencing) or a phone call. I accept PayPal payments. Don’t let money deter you from reaching out to me. Money to me is not more important than your awakening.

I have gone through so much healing over the last 25 years and can hold a space of unconditional love, and presence for your growth to awakening.

We can discuss anything currently on your mind and things like your spiritual search, path, ego, how to be present, awakening, and go through exercises/meditation to have an experience of who you truly are.